The definitive guitar app

  • Any chords, all the fingerings!
  • Write or import songs, transpose, fingerize and share them (iOS only for now) (more here).
  • Works with guitars, basses, banjos, ukulele, mandolins,…
  • More than 400 different scales which can be displayed, harmonized or searched.
  • Find the scales to improvise on from some chords.
Chord! for iOS

What users are saying:

There are so many great and well thought out features that make this app a joy to use and learn from.

Amazing depth and a beautiful interface. I’ve spent hours just exploring.

An invaluable tool to any person who wants to truly understand their craft.

All the fingerings! Really, all of them…

The key feature of the app is its chord fingering engine. Instead of having a list bundled with it, the app generates the fingerings on the fly, just for you and as you wish: number of fingers, bars chords, capo, alternative tuning,…

All this power is managed with a clear and simple interface, with the app helping you just as needed.

Chord Search Result

The app knows Music theory… and you don’t even have to!

The app knows that the 5th is optional in a 9th chord, that this C note is instead a B#, that this jazz scale’s key is F minor, and so on. The app uses this to give more meaningful and accurate results in a way that you can understand too the underlying theory.

Scale Detail

Search from fingerings. “That chord like that…”

You can enter any fingering on the neck and the app will give you the best name for that chord, and all the possible way to play it differently. The app will also give you other chords that can be build from this fingering.

You can do the same for scales, and you can also cross the results and get chords from scales and scales from chords!

Reverse Chord Search

And also…

Custom Tuning Edit

Use one of the hundred tunings shipped with the app, or create your own ones, with any number of strings. It can be a guitar, a bass, a banjo, etc.

Intelligent Input

At each step you’re assisted by the app. Each time you’re interacting with it, the app reacts by using its knowledge of music theory to automatically suggest the next steps and minimize your effort.

Settings of the app

You can set the app up to your taste and skills. You can change the name of the notes to Do Re Mi, ask for chords with two bars, or even set broken strings!