It’s been a really long time since I hadn’t updated the Android version of the app. Because I was focused on the development of the iOS version these last months, I’ve only worked on small bug fixes and minor optimization of the Android version, but nothing enough to trigger an update.

I had to put an end to this! So here it is, an update of the Android version! During the development of the iOS version, I’ve optimized the fingering engine. I’ve back ported these enhancements to Android, so its engine is now more “intelligent” and makes musical assumptions to give even more meaningful results.

I’ve also fixed some visual glitches on Android 4.0+. When the iPad version will be ready, I will retake the whole Android interface.

The old icon of Chord! for Android, used since 2010. Bye bye my old friend...

The new icon for Android, similar to the new style already in use on iOS.

Last, but not least, I’ve made an new icon to match the theme of the more recent iOS one. Users are now a little lost between iOS and Android because the icon is very different and also because I’m publishing the app under my real name on the App Store. I hope these changes will help them to find the app easily on both platforms. This may not be the definitive version though, and frets are likely to be removed.

I will push an update to the Android version on Amazon in the next days too. Updates should be more frequent now…

Stay tuned!

Update: If you miss the icon of Chord!, you can download the old one here in several resolutions: 144x144, 96x96, 77x77, 48x48 (use the first that fits your device resolution) and use third party apps to set it as the launcher icon for Chord! Search the Play Store for “Icon Changer” for example.