I’ve just released the next version of Chord! for iOS which is a major update. The app is now “Universal” and runs natively on iPhones and iPads. A lot of parts have been totally rethought.


There is a whole new songbook mode. You can write songs using the built-in editor, or import existing ones by copy/pasting text. You can write lyrics, reorder parts, transpose the whole song or use the fingering engine. You can export them as print-ready PDF files (like this one), or as TXT or CHOPRO text files. Please note that excluding a few sample tunes, the app doesn’t ship with songs.

Voicings and strings sets

The chord fingering engine now support several refinements on the type of fingerings you’re looking for. For example, you can restrict searches to drop 2 or drop 3 voicings, or to fingerings for which the bass is at least an octave lower than other notes, or only to the first inversions of a given chord. You can ask for fingerings played on some specific sets or patterns of strings like four consecutive ones, and you can also restrict searches to fingerings played only on a portion of the neck, like from the 7th to the 10th fret.


All your data can be synced across your Apple devices and backed up in the cloud. If you wrote a song on your iPad, you have it automatically on your iPhone. You can access last searched chords and scales from any device, etc.


The app now uses tags to generalize starring or favoriting. You can manage organically your songs, chords, etc. without any fixed rule. You can use tags to mark easy songs, ballads, fingerings you want to practice, capo setups for a given tuning, etc. You can also use tags to export songs as a “ChordSongbook” archive, save it to Dropbox or send it to a friend by email. If you open such a file with the app, it will list the songs inside it and give you the opportunity to import them into your library. A dedicated post will follow about tagging.

A lot has been done under the hood too. Known bugs have been fixed and memory consumption has been optimized. The monolithic iPad version has forbidden fast release cycles, but new functionalities can now be made available more quickly.

If you already purchased the app on the App Store, you don’t have to pay again to benefit from all of this. This version doesn’t support iOS6 and you need at least iOS7 to run it. Backward compatibility is not planned since this new version heavily uses new features of iOS7 that can be reasonably ported back to iOS6, but you should be able to reinstall the version 1.1.1 indefinitely.

Many features are postponed for later because I had draw a line in order to release the app. And of course, I’m also open to suggestions. If you like the app, don’t forget to share it with your friends or write a review in the App Store. In the meantime, stay tuned!