Starting from version 2.1 of Chord! for iOS, you can make songs scroll automatically. Here are a few remarks about this new feature.

Each song has its own scrolling settings. To set them up, you just have to specify how long the song lasts. This duration is indeed device independent and can be synced over iCloud while adapting to phones or tablets. The effective scrolling speed is then computed from this duration. This speed is expressed in “lines of songs / second” and should correspond roughly to the time it take to play/sing a full line of the song.

When you hit the play button, the song starts to scroll. What’s disappearing first is the first line, but this is most likely what you’re playing at the same moment. To solve this issue, you can set an optional start delay. The timer will run (the song still lasts the same time), but the song will begin to scroll only after this delay.

A symmetric issue occurs with the last line of the song which appears only until the last seconds, whereas you need to see it a little before in order to play/sing it. Here again, you can require the song to reach its end a few seconds sooner with another optional delay.

These two delays can also be managed automatically. If you check the “Automatic start and stop limits” option, the song will start to scroll when you will (roughly) reach one third of the screen and will stop when you’ll reach the last third. These automatic delays are dynamic and depend on display settings (like the screen size or the scale), but you don’t have to worry about this. You simply set the duration of the song, keep the “Automatic start and stop limits” checked, and you should be good to go.

If ever you feel that autoplay control is using too much screen space, you can always display the song in full screen (even when autoscrolling) by double tapping any empty area of the song.

Autoscrolling will be enhanced in next releases with content aware speed and maybe iTunes tracks playback, so stay tuned!