With all the iOS updates, Android users may feel a little left behind. That’s not the case. I’m now finishing an iOS-only update phase (the iPad version is out for only three months whereas Android users have access to a tablet optimized version since 2011). I still have a few things to implements, but I’ve already started working on the huge Android update. So here are a few lines about what’s coming next for Chord! on both platforms.

For iOS:

  • Betters tags, with ordering, sub-tags, etc.
  • Custom chords, chords fingerings and scales;
  • True scale fingerings, with block or closed shapes (so the equivalent of what the app does for chords, but for scales);
  • Derived from above: chords arpeggios;
  • Dropbox sync (if you don’t want to use iCloud).

For Android:

  • iOS features catch up;
  • Complete reorganization of the app and interface modernization;

The update for Android will require a modern version of Android (most likely at least Android 4.2). Users with older versions will still be able to download the current version of the app.

It will take some time, but I think it will worth the wait.