I’ve just released the version 4.0 of Chord! for Android. This major update was long overdue!

The new icon of Chord! for Android

The Android version has been completely rewritten is now on par with the iOS version concerning chords and scales fingerings computations:

  • A new scale fingerings engine: The app now knows how to compute block patterns for scales. Like for chords, it will generate all possible fingerings for a given configuration.
  • Chord arpeggios, with the same flexibility as the scale fingerings engine.
  • Chord fingerings filtering. You can now filter fingerings: You can restrict to specific voicings like drop-2 or drop-3 (or any configuration you want), specific inversions, etc. You can also require the fingerings to be played on some specific sets of strings (for example, you can ask for fingerings with four grouped strings), and you can quickly restrict the search to a narrower fret intervals than the whole neck and thus specify a location on the neck for the fingerings being computed. You can then looks for fingerings starting from the 7th fret for example.
  • Better reverse search for chords: The app tries to complete your fingering to find more natural chords.
  • Better reverse harmonization: When you look for scales from chords, the app now propose better scales at the top of the list.
The new home screen.
Detail of a scale.
True scale fingerings.
The chord selection view

The interface of the app has been completely modernized and the app shows your previous searches and favorites directly from the home screen. Furthermore, you can display in full screen all your favorite chords and scales fingerings and filter them by root or tonic.

Because almost everything is new, some previous translations are missing. The app is currently localized in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

The update is free for existing customers and should be available on Google Play and Amazon in a few hours.