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The app can generate any fingering. However, it may be sometimes cumbersome to find the fingering you’re looking for. You can then define custom fingerings. Each custom fingering depends on a chord and a tuning. The chord will define the fingering’s symbol, and the tuning will set the number of strings and their setup. There are no other limitations otherwise. You can select which strings are played, at which fret, and with which finger, and you can draw an arbitrary number of bars (or barres) too. Please note the app does not check the musical correctness of custom fingerings, so you are free to define “wrong” fingerings if needed.

To define a custom fingering, simply go on the fingering screen of a chord and tap the “Custom” button , then the “Add” button . By default, the app will seed your new fingering with the currently selected fingering.

Custom chord fingerings icon
Custom fingerings can be reached via the Custom button on the fingerings screen of any chord.
Custom chord fingerings edition
You can use the controls to set the notes and the fingers. You can also change the chord and the tuning.
Custom chord fingerings barres
You can add as many barres as you want.
Custom chord fingerings
The result. This fingering can be used to write songs. It will also appear as a possible fingering for the corresponding chord and tuning.

Once defined, your fingering will appear in fingering searches for the corresponding chord and tuning, and you will be able to use it in songs.

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